Does George Lucas Karaoke 2 Chainz? Maybe!

With reporting by Alex Zalben

Ever imagined "Star Wars" creator and "Strange Magic" director George Lucas doing karaoke? Now you have. And to 2 Chainz, no less!

MTV News caught up with the cast of the new animated musical recently and found out what their favorite karaoke jams are (when they're in their human forms, at least).

Though Lucas insisted that "My heart belongs to Elvis and The Beatles," Elijah Kelley, who voices Sunny in the new film, had a different tune in mind for the director.

"You might catch George in San Francisco, singing like a Jay-Z song at karaoke," he said. "Or 2 Chainz."

"You might," Lucas admitted.

To find out what the rest of the cast likes to jam to, check out the video above!

"Strange Magic" hits theaters January 23, 2015.

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