Gigi And Bella Hadid Spent The End Of 2016 Romping In The Snow

And playing with super cute sled dogs, too

As far as holiday breaks go, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid had a pretty normal one: They spent the week after Christmas hanging out with their little brother, Anwar, and their mom, Yolanda Hadid.

They just happened to do it while enjoying the great outdoors and running around the ritzy winter wonderland of Aspen, so, yeah — on second thought, take that "normal" and turn it up a notch or few, as the Hadids had a pretty glam time in the snowy resort town.

The famous fam shared a few snapshots of their mountain holiday on Instagram, with Yolanda in particular gushing about the great time she spent with her daughters and son. They hit the slopes. They played with puppies (or sled dogs, from the looks of it). They hung around

" target="_blank">huge bonfires.

Basically, they had your dream vacation if you want to be a Wildling from Game of Thrones without the whole fighting-the-frozen-undead thing thrown into the mix.

Cheers to the Hadids' epic 2016!