Usher Earned Channing Tatum His Best Stripper Money

'I did 'You Make Me Wanna' when I was dancing,' the 'Magic Mike' star admits to MTV News.

If you're a Channing Tatum fan or have been following the very entertaining news surrounding his upcoming movie "Magic Mike," you know that before his days as a Hollywood heartthrob, the "21 Jump Street" star was a stripper in Florida.

When MTV News caught up with Tatum during our special pre-Movie Awards treat, our "Sneak Peak Week event with "Magic Mike," we enlisted Tatum's co-star and "True Blood" hunk Joe Manganiello to ask Tatum a question about his scantily clad days in Florida.

"Back in your Tampa stripping days, what was your most money-making routine, and can you take the crowd through a little walk-through of it?" Manganiello asked via a pre-taped video interview.

"Yeah, what made you the most money?" Matthew McConaughey chimed in. "I know it wasn't the backflip."

"It was Usher," Tatum admitted, albeit bashfully. "I did 'You Make Me Wanna' when I was dancing."

The actor finished his answer not by demonstrating a portion of that particular money-making routine, but by dashing into the crowd to hug a few lucky screaming female fans.

And although there has been much ado over Tatum's stripper past, particularly with "Magic Mike" being loosely based on his experiences, the "Haywire" star said he will not be talking about or doing any stripping anymore after the film opens.

"This will be my swan song, I will never do or talk anything about stripping after this ever, ever again," Tatum promised, adding that he still can't believe "Magic Mike" made it to the big screen.

"It was just crazy, the whole time we were going through it, we just started laughing," Tatum said of the movie, which hits theaters June 29. "What I think people don't realize we financed this ourselves, we wrote and produced it all ourselves, it's not a studio movie. I'm interested to see what people's reactions are, it's a fun movie, the first half and a serious movie the second."

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