Reunion Special: Are Angela And Nelson On The Verge Of Becoming 'Exes'?

Apparently, their romance has been a little rocky since they left 'the beach'

The future of Angela and Nelson's Ex on the Beach romance was in serious doubt during the season finale (blame the lie detector for some not-so-great results). And Angela sobbing behind a bathroom door (while Nelson tried to break in) was only the beginning of the challenges these two faced.

"When we got back into the house, I got to talk to her one-on-one and hashed things out," Nelson explained during tonight's reunion special. A vacation (to Paris and the Bahamas), him saying "I love you," and meeting her mother followed. But when they returned home from the beachy (heh) destination, the bad girl got some troubling words from a lady she did not know (but who knew Nelson). And a message in a bottle (literally) revealed more information.

"Angela ended things after she received DMs from a woman who said, 'I've been in a sexual relationship with Nelson until recently,"' host Justina Valentine read from a piece of parchment paper. Nelson's version of the events?


"The bottom line is I fell in love with this woman and that's it. I made my mistakes," the Are You the One? standout stated. And the tale in the DMs? False, according to Nelson.

"For her to go out of her way to message Angela, you could have done that a long time ago, but you didn't," he added. "It was out of nowhere after you saw me in the Bahamas."

And Angela was just as unhappy as Nelson about their current circumstance -- and she could not hold in the tears.

"There's no worse pain than someone that hurts you after you've explained your pain to them," a visibly distraught Angela said. "And that's what he did to me." And while she didn't leave Ex on the Beach in love, she "grew to love him more" -- more than she's loved anyone in her whole life.

"I've never experienced this kind of pain in my life, and I just care for you so deeply," she sobbed. "I don't know why I just can't move on."

It's a real Nelson's word versus this woman's word -- with Angela in the middle. And even though Nelly admitted he did have a past with the woman, he came on to EOTB single. And while Angela disclosed she wants to proceed forward, she doesn't want to "look like boo boo the fool either." Their current situation: He is moving to the East Coast to be with her in an effort to repair their romance, and she has a desire to keep looking toward the future. Their last interaction was a hug -- and a brief kiss.

But, after the reunion aired, Angela gave a big update. And yes, she and Nelson are indeed exes:

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