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The Cast Of 'This Is Us' Turned The SAG Awards Into A Beautiful Pearson Family Reunion

Our hearts can't take it

This Is Us won big at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (January 21) — as if we'd expect anything less from the Big Three. But for the multigenerational cast of the NBC family drama, the win for best ensemble in a drama series wasn't just a celebratory moment; it was a full-blown Pearson family reunion! Not to mention, this is the only time it's acceptable to see little Kevin, Kate, and Randall share the screen with their teenage and adult selves.

"We are just a small collection of a lot of very talented and very hard-working people that work on this show," series star and Pearson family patriarch Milo Ventimiglia said, speaking on behalf of the cast including Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, and SAG Award-winner Sterling K. Brown.

After thanking creator Dan Fogelman and the show's writers, Ventimiglia spent some time acknowledging the crew that keeps production going, including the production assistants and the "people who run us to and from set." He concluded with a heartfelt thank you to the fans. "For the people that watch with us every Tuesday night and embrace the show that reflects positivity and hope and inclusion, we love you," Ventimiglia said.

Somewhere, Stranger Things star David Harbour was in the audience nodding approvingly.

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This Is Us cast

Sure, winning is nice, but the cast of This Is Us won our hearts the moment they stepped foot on the red carpet. May I present Exhibit A?

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This Is Us - Big Three

And then there was the time Metz posed with her younger self, played by Mackenzie Hancsicsak.

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This Is Us - Kate

Hartley also snapped a pic with his 10-year-old self, played by the super stylish Parker Bates.

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This Is Us - Kevin

Meanwhile, teenaged Kevin and Randall, played by Logan Shroyer and Niles Fitch, respectively, put their brotherly drama aside for the star-studded evening. Looking good!

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This Is Us - Kevin and Randall Teens

And can we talk about the fact that the Pearson women coordinated their outfits in royal blue? Seriously. How do I join this family? I have a royal blue dress just sitting in my closet.

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This Is Us - Pearsons

Of course, no one — and I mean NO ONE — was happier than that scene-stealer Lonnie Chavis, who plays 10-year-old Randall and routinely breaks hearts with Ventimiglia. He also has killer moves on the dance floor, so prepare to see a lot of footage of him and Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin busting moves at the after-party.

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Lonnie Chavis

Even in their happiest moments the Pearson family still knows how to make us cry. THANKS A LOT, PEARSONS.