LAUV And Anne-Marie Have Their Own 'Lonely' Dance Parties In New Video

They're 'lonely as fuck,' but still smiling

After releasing their "fuck, i'm lonely" collaboration earlier this month, LAUV and Anne-Marie are back with the quirky single's surprisingly upbeat video.

The monochromatic action opens on a Wes Anderson-style shot of an apartment building, where everyone does indeed seem "lonely as fuck." LAUV — who just scored his first VMA nomination for PUSH Artist of the Year — jumps around in a green-hued room where no one but a pair of fish keep him company, and Anne-Marie busts out some moves in a neighboring purple-lit room. Elsewhere in the building, we see people do whatever they do when they're bored and alone: repeatedly check the fridge for snacks, try on new looks, and watch the clock tick and tick and tick.

Eventually, the scene shifts to a neighborhood market, where the two singers bump shopping carts and take their respective dance parties to the produce aisle. Later, they (almost) meet again in the elevator, but it seems LAUV may finally be ready to accept his loneliness and let her go. See what happens below.

"fuck, i'm lonely" arrived on August 1 as the latest taste of the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 soundtrack. The album arrives this Friday (August 23) — the same day the new season premieres on Netflix — and features tracks by 5 Seconds of Summer, Charli XCX, YUNGBLUD, and more.