Worst Promposal Ever Lands Teen (And His Friends) In Jail For Alleged Goat Theft

"Would you goat with me to prom?"

This is a lot of work for a pun.

High schoolers have really taken prom stunts to a new level this year, and we haven't even hit peak prom season yet. First there was the "prom-munism" controversy after seniors at a New Mexico high school chose a communist theme for their big dance, and now teens in Georgia have been arrested for allegedly stealing a goat as part of a prom courtship.

Local authorities in Milton, Georgia, say that three 17-year-old boys and one 16-year-old boy kidnapped the farm animal so it could be part of a punny punchline: One of them planned to ask a girl, "Would you goat with me to prom?"


Police were called the night of Mar. 7 when a man witnessed suspicious activity outside his home involving two unknown parked vehicles and four males, according to the police report, which MTV News obtained. The man confronted the boys but one of them allegedly claimed to have a shotgun, at which point the man called the police. The boys fled soon after loading something large into the vehicle, authorities say.

Cops say they subsequently stopped a truck matching the description, and inside was a goat belonging to the caller's neighbor. That's when one of the teens allegedly told cops about his punny plan.

The goat’s owner thought it was no laughing matter, though, so the four guys were charged with theft of livestock. Since the incident report values the goat at less than $100, under Georgia law that qualifies as a misdemeanor charge.

(In all fairness to the suspects, when it comes to a promposal, you should goat big or goat home.)