Give Leslie Jones All The Gold Medals For Her Olympics Live-Tweeting

The Ghostbusters star is a spirit champion for Team USA

There’s team spirit, and then there’s Star-Spangled ensemble–wearing, “CHYEAH!”-screaming, medal-flashing, clear-your-whole-schedule-to-watch-the-Olympics-on-three-screens team spirit. Leslie Jones has the latter, and she’s fast becoming the best sports commentator out there thanks to her dedicated play-by-plays via Twitter.

After dealing with some horrific abuse on Twitter due to the nasty efforts of some awful trolls, Jones brought positive vibes to the social media platform in the days leading up to the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio — and they haven’t stopped since.

A few days ago, she started sharing videos from her Snapchat that mentioned how excited she was for the games to begin; she then offered a glimpse at some of the toy medals she’d picked up for the occasion, and upped her game with a head-to-toe shot of her patriotic outfit.

From there, Jones more or less live-tweeted every waking moment of the Olympics complete with her own commentary.

When Team USA strolled into Maracana Stadium for the Parade of Nations, Jones cheered ’em on.

When Ginny Thrasher won the first gold medal for the States, Jones gave her an immediate shout-out.

She yelled at the people getting in the way of the bikers during the cycling events, and threw in some jokes for good measure.

She told us straight-up how intimidating the volleyball players looked thanks to their athletic prowess ...

... And threw some side-eye at the male gaze in the process.

She bragged about the Americans dominating the Chinese in basketball.

Swimming may be her favorite event so far, though. She thoroughly lost her mind rooting for the swimmers during the relay. (We don’t know what’s up with the swimming hats either, to be honest.)

Basically, Jones is INTO IT when it comes to all things Olympics, and she is completely committed to keeping you up to speed on the action in Rio. (She even made a Ryan Lochte–inspired poster for her apartment! Come on!) Don’t believe us? Scroll through her Twitter feed and you’ll see she was glued to the TV (and two laptops, ’cause girl has an immaculate set-up for constant streaming) for 12+ hours on August 6.

Jones’s enthusiasm was so contagious it eventually caught the attention of Jim Bell, one of the executive producers of the Olympics, who invited her to hop on a flight and head to Brazil.

Will she pack up every red, white, and blue article of clothing she owns and head south to Rio? Here’s hoping. In the meantime, thanks for being the best cheerleader Team USA could hope for, Leslie.