Watch Katy Perry Dive Into Giant Cake, Slide All Over The Stage At Los Premios!

Thursday night at Los Premios (which are basically MTV's Latin American VMAs, if you will), Katy Perry kissed the floor. And I liked it!

At the end of her Quinceañera-themed performance, the singer belly-flopped into a giant birthday cake, only to then misjudge how slippery she would be while covered in cake batter and icing. Whoops X3!


After my 80th view of the clip, it occurred to me that MTV should rush production on "Celebrity Double Dare" immediately! Seriously, how genius would that be?

Who wouldn't want to watch Rihanna and Beyoncé desperately look for a red flag by picking a giant prop nose? Hell, if real celebs don't want to participate, I'd still get satisfaction from watching Spencer and Heidi wipe out in a ball pit. And don't you think Britney would kill to be in the same room as that giant waffle obstacle? The possibilities are endless, folks!

I'm all for giving myself an extra gig, but I would campaign for Marc Summers to ditch the Food Network and join the MTV family again. Come on, Marc-y Marc! That "Unwrapped" show has run its course. You've seen one candy assembly line, you've seen 'em all! Don't you miss asking insanely easy trivia and then watching a bunch of people get pelted with eggs in order to win Casios and cassette players? At the very least, you won't have to avoid that floozy Sandra Lee at the Food Network Christmas Party anymore!

So, trusty MTV readers, if watching Katy Perry slip and slide across a stage tickles you as much as it does me, I think you should leave a comment and dare (then, double dare) the MTV big wigs to "take the physical challenge" of making my "D2: Celebrity Edition" a reality. Or at the very least, next year's VMA's should take place in a Jello pit!

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