These Colleges Order The Most Food During Finals

See which schools do the most cramming (of food) ahead of exams.

Finals week can be one of the most draining things college kids put their minds and bodies through. It must also be the most coveted time for college takeout joints. Students need brain fuel but have no time or energy to fire up the Foreman Grill for a grilled cheese or to microwave some Bagel Bites. Ordering out is the only source of late-night stress-eating.


But which college students are most inclined to rely on delivery to cram during finals? GrubHub surveyed order data from college campuses to see which universities' orders spike the most during finals. The school with the biggest jump was Virginia Tech, with a 46% increase in food orders compared to the rest of the semester.

Overall, the results were dominated by schools in Virginia (two), New York (three) and Pennsylvania (two). In addition, the data showed that food deliveries to libraries increased 154% during finals.


Check out the top 14 delivery-addicted schools below.

14. Northwestern University (+11%)

13. Boston University (+12%)

12. Georgetown University (+16%)

11. University of Delaware (+17%)

10. University of Pennsylvania (+18%)

9. University of Michigan (+19%)

8. University of Virginia (+25%)

7. University of Pittsburgh (+26%)

6. Ohio State University (+28%)

5. Syracuse University (+30%)

4. Ithaca College (+32%)

3. University of Wisconsin (+34%)

2. Cornell University (+40%)

1. Virginia Tech (+46%)

Of course, there's an important confounding factor here. Finals week also means no class week, aka it's-time-to-party week, aka inebriated/hungover-food-ordering week. It's tempting to extrapolate these findings and assume these student bodies only need the extra food to power through their intense studying regimens -- but that miiight not be the case.

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