Jamie Foxx Says LL Cool J Feud Is Behind Him -- 'We're Grown Now'

Former foes plan movie project after collaborating on LL's album, onstage.

Jamie and LL Cool J really couldn't have started their relationship off any worse.

While filming "Any Given Sunday" in 1999, the two actually fought on the set and the Miami-Dade County Police had to get involved (see [article id="1431099"]"LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx Exchange Blows On Set Of Oliver Stone Football Flick"[/article]). Well, time has obviously settled their differences.

Foxx popped up on LL's recent Todd Smith LP, and at June's Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, Jamie brought him out as a special guest (see [article id="1533600"]"Where's The Beef? T.I., Busta, Mary J., Diplomats Keep Summer Jam Light On Drama"[/article]). The two performed together and Foxx even said he wanted to be LL's hypeman. So what's up with all the love between the onetime adversaries? Foxx said it's just growth.

"I was in Miami at one of the [Heat] games," Academy Award winner Foxx said July 2 at the Essence Music Festival in Houston (see [article id="1535668"]"Mary J., LL Cool J Heat Up Essence Fest, But Bobby Brown Steals Show"[/article]).

"He had done his thing, got himself together, was selling records," Foxx continued. "It was right after the Oscars. We looked at each other like, 'Why we wasting all this time? Let's get together and do some music, do some movies.' 'Cause I also mentioned to him about black superheroes. I said, 'My man, you the only cat that can really pull this off.' There's this black superhero called Panther. So we started talking about that, did a couple of records together. When you're grown, you don't really have time for all that [beefing]. When you're young, it's cool to have your emotions on your chest. But we're grown now."

Jamie said to expect a lot of collaborating between the two soon.

"Of course," Foxx smiled. "We've got a joint, 'All This Love,' that's coming out, and we trying to get this Panther production set up, because I think he'll smash that."

Foxx is still pushing his LP, Unpredictable, and plans to release "Can I Take U Home" as the next single (see [article id="1530085"]"For His Next Album, Jamie Foxx Wants To Get In Your Bedroom"[/article]). No plans for the video have been announced yet.