Chance The Rapper And Tisakorean Talk Food And Pop Culture On Witty 'Groceries'

An X-rated Crash Bandicoot punchline is a hilarious highlight

Chance the Rapper has released a new tune that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's "Groceries," a collaboration with Texas dance-master rapper Tisakorean and its bubbly energy will make your Friday much better, no matter how absurdly good it already is. It's pure, nonsensical fun.

"Groceries" is Chance in rare form. With nice and steady trap drums that boom and bang like cannons, the jubilant melodic loops circle around like a hula hoop on the waist. Tisakorean handles the refrain and Chance tackles the chorus and the differences between their voices — a deeper, wider growl and a rasping siren — makes for an interesting contrast. Their raps are laced with pop-culture references, from Spongebob Squarepant's Patrick Star to Braxton from The Jamie Foxx Show. Chance sounds reinvigorated next to Tisakorean's whimsical raps and the combined effect makes for a thrilling new look.

Earlier this year, Chance teased that he would be dropping an album in July. In April, he released a venomous track with Lil Yachty, "Atlanta House Freestyle." Combined with his latest Tisakorean-assisted drop, it appears that Chance season is upon us.

Listen to Chance and Tisakorean talk pop culture on "Groceries" up above.