Paul Bettany Confirms 'Avengers' Role, Will Return As Voice Of J.A.R.V.I.S.

While at a press conference for “Priest,” Bettany was asked a few questions by a fan about his part in the Marvel movie universe.

"Well, I just met with Jon [Favreau] one time, talked things out and I've recorded some lines for the movie, not knowing anything about it,” the actor said. “Then, one day, when ‘Iron Man I’ was released, my friends started to tell me: ‘You're in ‘Iron Man’!’ and I kept saying ‘What? No, I'm not!’, and then, after I saw the movie, I've realized, that I've had quite an interesting part in this movie."

“With ‘Iron Man 2' it was kinda the same, but now I knew what I was working on. After I recorded another pair of lines with Jon, we would go to some place, have some drinks & fun. He's really a nice guy!”

Of course he was also asked about “The Avengers,” and confirmed his involvement in the 2012 team-up movie.

“Yes, I am involved in this project,” he said. “Don't know when we will start though, usually they [guys at Marvel] call me, when they're almost finished with the movie, so we will see where this goes."

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