Here’s What Happens When You Ambush Adam Levine On Stage (Hint: DON’T DO IT)

Despite getting clawed on the ear, Adam handled it like a total pro.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is no stranger at dealing with fan freakouts. But while most (like this one) are harmless and endearing, there are some superfan encounters that border on utterly terrifying.

Case in point: during Maroon 5’s concert in Anaheim, CA on Monday night (April 6), a crazed fan who may or may not have been on a “Sugar” high ambushed the stage and grabbed Adam around the neck.

Ever the calm professional, Adam handled it as gracefully as he could have, politely putting his arm around her while waiting for security to escort her away (which took about all of five seconds, thankfully).

After the song, Adam told the crowd, “that was f—cking weird, right?” and revealed that the culprit cut his ear with her fingernail. WTF, girl?!

Adam continued reflecting on the incident, saying, “It’s just weird to be, like…you’re in the moment, you’re singing, and your eyes are closed, and you’re having this beautiful moment, and the next thing you know someone’s in your face. Super terrifying.”

But even though the whole situation was scary AF and completely uncalled for, he insisted there were no hard feelings. “It’s all good. I love, you sweetheart. I’m glad you’re a fan of the band.”

Remember, fans: the Maroon 5 lyrics “Baby I’m preying on you tonight/Hunt you down, eat you alive” are NOT meant for literal, real-life reenactment. So please leave Adam alone.