Justin Bieber Reveals His New Haircut With The Help Of 'The Lion King'

Last week, we said goodbye to Justin Bieber's long locks. He teased on Instagram that he had cut it off, but didn't reveal how much, what color would stay, or anything else. Well, my friends, today is the day—we finally know what li'l Biebsie has been hiding under his hat.

In a Lion King-inspired reveal, Scooter Braun helped Bieber show off the new 'do, which appears to be short on the side and longer on top. While the color is hard to tell from a black-and-white video, it seems like he's back to his natural brunette shade. So long, blonde Bieber.

The whole ~lewk~ is kinda Zack Morris-esque, eh? It wouldn't be the first time JB showed his appreciation for Saved By The Bell, so we wouldn't be surprised.

For those of you who aren't satisfied with one piece of Bieber hair news per day, you're in luck—in a photo of a stare down with Derek Zoolander, he also has some new hair. He was sure to clarify in the caption, though, that " #itsawignotmynewhair." It's a wig, y'all—don't confuse it with his new 'do, OK? We can't wait to see the real thing IRL—give the people what they want, JB!

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