Rihanna Reveals Why She Missed Katy Perry Wedding

Singer says lack of phone and Internet reception in India was a problem with 'Loud' album on the way.

Rihanna was one of the celebrity faces expected at [article id="1650689"]Katy Perry and Russell Brand's wedding in India[/article] last week, but the pop starlet didn't end up hitting the ceremony. The singer recently revealed to "Extra" that professional obligations for her upcoming LP, Loud, caused her to miss the nuptials.

"The album is coming out in two weeks, and I had to be available for a lot of approvals [and check] e-mails and stuff. We couldn't get any phone service or Internet service out there. It was scary," Rihanna said of the location, near a wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan. "It would have been a little irresponsible [to go without Internet or phone service], but she understood, and I was glad that I could at least throw her her bachelorette party and be involved somehow."

Although Rihanna took the responsible road by staying plugged in and keeping the release of her latest album on track, she admitted she was bummed she couldn't attend the "Teenage Dream" singer's wedding. However, for Rihanna, having a pop-star pal means that Perry knew the importance of being accessible as an album is set to drop.

"I was crushed," she said. "I was really looking forward to it, but she understood."

Rihanna also revealed that she hasn't touched base with the newly minted Mrs. Brand, and said she got all of her details about the ceremony just like the couple's fans -- from the media.

"[I know] only what you guys have been posting all the time. Like, 'Oh, she got henna on her feet and hands the night before.' I was like, 'That's cool,' " Rihanna said.

As the "Only Girl (In the World)" singer mentioned, she did get to send Perry off into wedded bliss in style, with a raging Las Vegas [article id="1648197"]bachelorette bash[/article] in September.

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