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'Grace of Monaco' Trailer: Everyone's Super Into Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman's been on the feature film scene for a few decades now, and we can all agree on the fact that girlfriend is regal to the max. The newly unveiled international trailer for "Grace of Monaco" maybe hasn't quite gotten the memo yet, because they're really driving the point home hard.

"The world is going to remember your name," Frank Langella intones in a hushed voice over a trilling opera vocal.


"You are the fairytale, the serenity to which we all aspire."

Got it.

"In years to come, they will continue to whisper your name."

OKAY. Yes! We know! Nicole Kidman is super pretty and everyone was really into Princess Grace! Style icon, haver-of-downcast-eyes, princess, whole shebang. We all agree, she's great. Snaps for ol' Nick, who may want to hire personal protection after watching this trailer because sheesh, who even knows what kind of obsessive personality is lurking behind that reverent voiceover?

"Grace of Monaco" is directed by Olivier Dahan, and will hit theaters on Nov. 27. Get ready for a resurgence of classy long-sleeved outfits and big sunglasses right