It's Going To Be 'Over For Everybody' When We Hear Kanye West's Album

Theophilus London gives his take.

According to Theophilus London, Kanye West has been going around playing his album for almost a year now. And he's still doing it.

On Wednesday night, Theophilus, who has worked closely with Yeezy and appears on "All Day" -- tweeted that 'Ye played his album in Toronto -- presumably while in the city for his recent OVO Fest performance. It's not only that, though. TL says it's "HI Key over for everybody . Everybody."

That's everybody. And that's HI Key. Not low key.

Are you ready?

Don't worry, I know the answer to that -- obviously you're ready. We're all ready. We've been ready. It's been over two years since Yeezus dropped, and Kanye has been playing his album for some lucky folks for almost a year -- at least.

In September 2014, Theophilus posted a picture with 'Ye on Instagram, with the caption, "So shortly after this picture I Only remember kanye playing his new album 3 times in a dark room of 20 people last night."

And then there was the two-hour listening session Yeezy treated Seth Rogen to. It's a story we heard in December, but it could have happened much earlier than that.

Kanye, we know you have music. We know it's HI Key about to be over when you drop it. So just drop it and end it.

Thank you.

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