People = Knit: Slipknot Fans Attack Needle-Wielding Ladies

Maggots unleash venom on knitting mag with shared name.

Some Slipknot fans enjoy slamming their fists into walls and moshing until they vomit. Others dig sipping tea, listening to Chopin and knitting fluffy sweaters. There's been a bit of confusion between the two lately.

That's because Slipknot is not only the name of the band who write heartwarming ditties such as "People = Sh--," but it's also the title of a quarterly magazine published by the Knitting and Crochet Guild, an English organization with about 1,000 members whose motto might as well be "People = Knit."

Last week, while Slipknot were having trouble with their official site, a bunch of maggots — the group's devoted fans — went searching for band information on the Web and pulled up the guild's site. They didn't take kindly to the needle-wielding ladies, so they sent obscenity-strewn e-mails to committee members, whose contact information was available on the site. One woman, whose phone number was listed, was driven to put a block on her telephone after receiving a call from a death metal fan with little interest in crocheting a lovely new hat.

"Some of their fans were irate, but obviously if the Slipknot site is down, it's not our fault, is it?" said membership secretary Anne Budworth. "I don't know how anyone could confuse us with them. I haven't ever seen the band knitting."

The Slipknot handicraft magazine was launched in 1978 when the organization was conceived and was named after the first loop used to start a new knitting pattern.

The band's label was amused by the mix-up and has no plans to take legal action. The slighted knitters weren't so amused, however, and will likely drown their pain in cups of hot apple cider.

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