'Rap Monument' Could Be Hip-Hop's Biggest Posse Track -- Of All Time

Pusha T, Raekwon, YG, Action Bronson, Killer Mike and more...

By Christopher Harris

"Detroit Vs. Everybody" has already inspired a possible "Los Angeles Vs. Everybody" response. But now, it appears the Eminem Shady XV single may have spawned something even bigger.

Noisey and Hennessy V.S. have teamed up to assemble what may go down as the largest posse track in hip-hop ... ever. Thirty rappers will reportedly trade bars on the mammoth "Rap Monument." The details have been scarce, but at this point we know that studio sessions have taken place in three major cities: Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles.

A full list of rappers has not been revealed yet, but the previews have highlighted YG, Action Bronson, Raekwon, Killer Mike, Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Rockie Fresh, Young Thug and a few more. And although the theme seems similar to "Detroit Vs. Everybody," "Rap Monument" isn't likely a territorial track.

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The song's producer hasn't come forward either, but a track like this may warrant multiple producers and, possibly, more than one beat.

Each of the behind-the-scenes teasers Noisey has released offer viewers a glimpse at the process of creating the song and the camaraderie that took place in the studio.

In New York, Raekwon and Action Bronson jot down lyrics side by side on a couch.

Killer Mike bonds with SL Jones in Atlanta.

And in L.A., Problem takes a shot at Kendrick Lamar.

A "Rap Monument" release date has not been announced yet.