Allow Kid Cudi To Explain His New Album To You

'Speedin' Bullet To Heaven' is due out...sometime soon?

Generally, this space is where we put some introductory or background information to help contextualize whatever news story we happen to be reporting on. For example, it's helpful to know that Kid Cudi's latest album is called Speedin' Bullet To Heaven and that he's been pouring his heart into making it. He also released a small taste of the new music before quickly deleting it back in May.

That's all the info you need to know to get you up to speed. Cudi himself can take it from here.

New single, eh? Can't wait to hear it! Any notable collaborators in the studio?

Right, right. Plain Pat, as in the producer/songwriter whose credits list is stupid impressive. Cool. What's the album sound like?

Whoa, impressive! So that means it's pretty much the Kid Cudi show exclusively.

I mean, how can we NOT be excited now? One last question: When can we expect it?

Sweet. We'll be waiting.

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