Michael Gracey To Run Hugh Jackman's 'Greatest Showman'

Michael Gracey has joined the cinematic circus.

The acclaimed commercial director and former VFX artist will direct Hugh Jackman as legendary ringmaster P.T. Barnum (a role the "X-Men" star was born to play) in "The Greatest Showman on Earth," and according to Variety.

"Showman" is a musical biography film that will concentrate on Barnum's rise to fame as a carnival barker who could pretty much sell even the most outrageous concept or exhibition to the public. The film will also focus on his infatuation with Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind, a role that hasn't been cast yet.

The idea for "The Greatest Showman on Earth" came from Hugh Jackman collaborating with screenwriter Jenny Bicks ("Sex and the City") and producer Lawrence Mark ("Dreamgirls") on the 81st Academy Awards ceremony, which Jackman hosted.

The film will probably remain in development a little while longer, as Jackman is first and foremost committed to "The Wolverine" (which is now being directed by James Mangold) and is expected to play Valjean in director Tom Hooper's "Les Miserables."

Michael Gracey also recently signed on to direct "The Order of the Seven," Disney's live-action revisionist Snow White pic set in China, which aims to start production sometime next year.

Hugh Jackman will next be seen in "Real Steel," opening Oct. 7.

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