First Look: Rita Ora (And Her Super-Short Bob!) In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

By now you've probably watched the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer hundreds of times, but between the handcuffs, whips, and blindfolds, you might've missed the two-second cameo of Rita Ora. Around the 1:32 mark, you'll see our girl sporting a blunt-banged brown bob with smokey eyes and burgundy lips for her role as Mia Grey, Christian Grey's adopted younger sister. For her ensemble, she went for a strictly black-and-gold number, which features a sleeveless dress paired with stacked bangles, layered chains and statement earrings.

When Rita stopped by MTV earlier this year, she revealed that she went through quite a bit of training to get her look (and accent!) up to par. “I definitely had coaching, acting coaching. I have an American accent in the movie. I’ve got a brown bobbed wig," she said. "I look really different. It was really nice to get into a whole other world that I wasn’t used to, but it was pretty difficult.” Check out Rita, er, Mia in action below!