3LW Script Their Own Flick; New LP Keeps Rising

For Kiely, Adrienne and Jessica, the characters literally write themselves.

Is an updated "Little Women" remake next?

3LW, a.k.a. 3 Little Women, are continuing their foray into acting with another made-for-TV movie on their schedules.

The group, whose Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon recently starred in the Disney Channel's "Cheetah Girls," said they will play the main characters in a script they are writing called "My Daughter's Keeper." The project is a partnership with an organization of the same name, which supports nontraditional caretakers of teenage girls.

"You see the lives of four girls who are in different walks of life [and] how the caretakers in their life help them out and make them better," Williams explained.

"And the different types of relationships that go on," Bailon added. "There's a foster child in the movie. There's a teen girl who is being raised by her grandmother, which is something that is really common."

Other plots include a girl who is raised by her father, one who is raised by her sister and a teenager who raises her younger brothers and sisters.

"I think it's really important that people get the message out there on how important the relationship is between teen girls and their caretakers," Williams said. "[The script] has touches of people's real personal lives in it, so it's something I think is going to be real special and it's something I hope young girls and their parents can relate to."

Williams, Bailon and 3LW newcomer Jessica Benson will portray three of the main roles and the fourth will go to an as-yet-undetermined actress. "We're playing the characters that we feel that we can relate to the most," Williams said.

Before the film goes into production, 3LW will finish their third album, Phoenix Rising, due in December (see [article id="1473478"]"3LW Celebrate Bling Bling And A New Beginning On Next LP"[/article]).

Having already logged studio time in Los Angeles with Steve Kipner (Christina Aguilera), Mike City (Brandy) and the Co-Stars (3LW's self-titled first album), the group will head to Atlanta later this week to work with possible future label boss Jermaine Dupri, who will produce three or four tracks (see [article id="1474628"]"Jermaine Dupri To Sign 3LW, Former Dogg Pound Member Daz"[/article]).

"We're bringing it back to the first album, the energy of the first album, making it a bit more fun, a party record," Williams said. "Just stuff people can listen to in the car when they want to have a good time."

3LW said in June a song called "Bling Bling" would be the first single, but it has since been replaced by "Watcha Doin After This," which they performed at the recent Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. The track was produced by Bradley Spalter (O-Town).

Although Phoenix Rising marks the group's first album with Benson, the singer said at a Teen Vogue party Friday that she feels like she's been in the group for years. "Now they yell at me," she joked.

"[Jessica]'ll yell at me if I don't sing. She'll be like, 'Get it together!'" Bailon added. "It's very comfortable. It's like shoes that you broke in ... you want to walk in them."

"You called her a shoe! That's so wrong," Williams interrupted.

"I'm a shoe, too," Bailon retorted. "It's a combination. Work with me here!"

The group, who will hit the road on a

Coca-Cola-sponsored tour from mid-September through the end of October,

is also logging what will likely be the first single from the

soundtrack to the upcoming Nick Cannon/Christina Milian movie "Love

Don't Cost a Thing," which was formerly titled "If You Were My Girl" (see [article id="1471322"]"Babyface Oversees 3LW's First Track With New Member"[/article]).

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