RZA, ODB, Prince Paul Rep For Nintendo In 'Lost' Commercial

The practice of musicians doing commercials for products is old hat at this point, as artists from all over the genre spectrum often collaborate with advertising agencies to create synergy that (theoretically) benefits both parties, either passively (like when the Black Keys lent one of their songs to a commercial for diamonds) or aggressively (like when Method Man and Redman did those hilarious spots for Right Guard).

But back in 1993, the practice was less common, one of the big reasons why the video artifact below is so amazing. What you'll find when you click "Play" is a supposedly "banned" commercial that Nintendo put together to promote the release of "Super Game Boy," an accessory that allowed gamers to play their Game Boy games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (in full color, as the Game Boy was, at the time, still only available in its monochromatic original form). According to Kotaku, the clip apparently features beats by Prince Paul and narration by Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard (since both of their voices are pretty distinct, it doesn't take much to believe that to be true).


The clip, archived by the graffiti artists, was apparently "too ill" for broadcast (it's likely that somebody in a suit was uncomfortable with the idea of using an illegal act to promote a gadget aimed at children). But what's more fascinating is that the Wu-Tang Clan's profile was relatively small at the time the commercial would have been recorded (Super Game Boy came out in early 1994, so if this clip was shot in late '93, that would have been right around the time Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) would have been coming out; that timeline also puts RZA and Prince Paul together, as they were in the process of recording the first Gravediggaz album at the time). Somebody at Nintendo (or whatever advertising agency put this spot together) clearly had his or her finger on the pulse of the hip-hop universe at the time.

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