8 Pre-Fame Justin Bieber YouTube Videos You Forgot About

To celebrate #8YearsOfKidrauhl, we look back at the past.

Sometimes it's difficult to imagine Justin Bieber's simpler days -- especially since he's now riding on private jets and avoiding paparazzi by hiding behind his big, shiny MTV awards.

Nonetheless, there once was a little boy named Bieber, who started his own YouTube channel, Kidrauhl, a moniker that echoes his dad's nickname, Lordrauhl. It's been eight years since he created the account.

Let's go back, shall we? Back to a simpler time, when Biebs was just a kid in Canada, going to hockey games with his grandpa and singing at talent competitions.

'So Sick' cover

Uploaded back in 2007, back when he was just 12, this video introduced us to the guy we know and love. In a talent competition, Justin sang Ne-Yo's hit -- most likely with his mom Patti Mallette looking lovingly on in the audience. He made it to the top 3, which is confusing because he clearly should have won.

'Fallin'' cover

I get chills whenever I watch this. Can you believe such a young kid tackled this incredible song by Alicia Keys?

Playing grandma's song

In this video, Justin plays a song his Grandma Kate wrote on the keyboard. Not bad!

Singing in the bathroom

It's one thing that JB is singing Brian McKnight in the BR, but it's whole 'nother thing to see him with this outrageous shaved haircut. Makes you look at his scrutinized platinum 'do a little differently now, doesn't it?

Playing the drums (and our hearts)

You have to admit, kid can keep a beat. And after blowing us away with his voice and piano skills, we were OVERLY convinced that Justin was going to be a star.

'With You' cover

To this day, Justin's cover of Chris Brown's "With You" has 48 MILLION views. It's easy to see why.

'Cry Me A River' cover

And now he's playing guitar?

Singing to Usher

Bieber got attention by covering other people's songs, but when Usher caught wind of the upcoming talent, he had to hear it for himself. Justin sang "U Got It Bad" for Ursh himself, and so it all began.

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