That Time Chris Pratt Scared Amy Poehler With His 'Snake'

But whatever you do, do NOT laugh about it.

Listen — we're not condoning purposefully breaking sexual harrassment policies while at work, so you're not allowed to laugh at this. But, hypothetically, were you able to, you'd have to admit: Chris Pratt surprising Amy Poehler, trou down and metaphorical snake out, while filming "Parks and Recreation" would be the hilarious sort of mental image you would straight-up guffaw at — if finding such things funny were allowed. (But it's not and we know that, NBC! Tsk tsk!)

Thankfully, Pratty-boy here set us straight in that regard before recalling the incident that totally/maybe/kinda/could've gotten him fired if he worked in any other industry to Seth Meyers on Wednesday night's "Late Night." As it turns out, the whole thing wasn't just some sort of egregious attempt to spook everyone's favorite human (Poehler, duh), but rather to make sure the series' star actually gave the sort of genuine response to unexpectedly seeing a penis that was written in the script.

He was just going for accuracy, folks. Accuracy and authenticity sometimes call for a bit of the element of surprise. Just ask Daniel Day-Lewis.

But did it work? And did Poehler's reaction end up on the cutting room floor? Well, that you'll have to watch on to find out. But remember: it's not funny so don't laugh.