Watch Every 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special In One Exclusive Video

Walk down memory lane with Matt Smith, David Tennant, and some robot Santas.

For "Doctor Who" fans, December 25 means a whole lot more than just Santa Claus and Christmas trees. In fact, for Whovians, it's more like robot Santa Claus, killer Christmas trees, angel-bots, evil snowmen and... well, you get the drift. The "Who" Christmas specials are intense, and they've also killed off some of our favorite Doctors, so December 25 can be an emotionally trying time for TARDIS-lovers.

Lucky for us, we get to prep for this year's episode, "Last Christmas," with "Doctor Who: 10 Years of Christmas with the Doctor" -- the complete set of specials from nu-Who. The whole set is available on iTunes, but we have an exclusive peek at what you can expect to see right here on MTV News. Check it out below, and be sure to come back and grieve with us when the Santa-heavy, Nick Frost-starrer "Last Christmas" airs on the big day:

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