Nick Jonas Takes Us On A Psychedelic Ride In 'Jealous' Video: Watch Now

Nick gets trippy and pretty deep in new music video.

Nick Jonas said his video for "Jealous" would be a little "out there," and he wasn't kidding.

On the day of his birthday, the pop star decided to throw his own b-day bash inviting fans to join him at New York's South Street Seaport to debut the artistic, colorful and truly trippy video for the latest single off his upcoming self-titled album (out November 11).

Directed by artist Peter Tunney, who incorporated his artwork into the video, the clip takes viewers on a psychedelic ride (hence Nick's encouragement to engage in recreational activities while watching) as he hops on a motorcycle, shows off his MMA fighting skills and gets a bit envious of all the attention his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, is receiving from some other guys.

“I had a specific experience that sort of inspired me to write this song and got the ball rolling in that sense, and it’s not limited to that by any means," Nick recently told MTV News. "And this video is about getting a little bit deeper and opening the conversation up and just having fun while we do it.”

And it certainly seems like they had a lot of fun, as the video features Olivia stripping down to her lingerie to play the cello in the clouds, Nick playing piano with a little old lady and getting beat pretty bad at a game of basketball.

But, if you look closely, the video, which shows a completely different side of the singer, is feathered with a bunch of inspirational and hidden messages which appear on street signs, on city walls and his instruments.

This may be the way Nick wanted to "open up the conversation" about jealousy, with the words "gratitude," and "courage" and phrases like "don't panic" and "the time is now," splashed across the screen. But you can't help but think they may serve as a deeper message, possibly in reference to his new solo career.

Whatever it means, it's working. The singer is taking risks, switching things up and getting people talking about Nick Jonas the solo artist, not Nick Jonas, the former Jonas Brother.

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