From 'Harry Potter' To 'Game Of Thrones' - These Lip Art Designs Will Blow Your Mind

Here's how to put your fandemonium where your mouth is.

Pucker up, mega fans, because there's a tasty new way to display your devotion to all of your pop culture favorites on the rise: lip art. Never heard of it? Well, you're in for a very cool visual treat and you can totally try some of these at home. Win!

Make-up artist Eva Senín Pernas, who displays all of her rad designs on DeviantArt, has created a slew of stunning designs to showcase her love of everything from "The Hunger Games" to "Iron Man" right there on her face.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Catching Fire

"Make-up can tell a story or show that you are a fan of a film or a series," Pernas told MTV News. "Some people have a poster in their rooms. I wear 'Game of Thrones' lips to show my love for the series."

How about this for a way to publicly pledge fealty to House Stark? Fierce.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Game of Thrones

Pernas first started exploring the concept of smooch imagery after re-watching the classic musical pic "Grease," her favorite film as a child.

"When I saw the final scene with the red car with the silver lightning, I thought 'What about doing something different?'"

The result, to borrow, a phrase, was definitely ultramatic.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Greased Lightning

The materials she uses for this lip art series, Pernas explained, are accessible enough for the DIY crowd to get in on the smacker craft.

Here's how: "I like to use powder pigments for the color. I used to mix them with theatre paint or liquid solutions [and use] tiny, tiny brushes for lines and glitter or gemstones as a final touch."

That, a little eyeliner, and a steady hand went a long way to make her Slytherin House-themed "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" homage a reality. (The smattering of fake blood was a gloomy Dementor-approved extra touch.)

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

But then she went and got fancy with it for this "Iron Man" design, using two tiny LED lights in her mouth to get the eyes just right.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Iron Man

There's also this simplistic "Spider-Man" design which might help give you a little inspiration for how to Halloween this year without having to go over budget.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Spiderman

Throwing in a little added prop action like these mini cookies and simple tag action to celebrate "Sesame Street" and "Alice In Wonderland" can really punch things up in an amazing way, too.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Sesame Street

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Alice In Wonderland

Finally, don't forget to go with glitter when appropriate -- such as with this "Mockingjay"-themed motif that puts things ever in your favor and is 100% Effie Trinket endorsed.

Eva Senín Pernas

Lip Art - Mockingjay

Kiss all productivity goodbye because all of these are definitely worth a try.

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