'Siesta Key' Surprise: How Alex Learned Alyssa Was Pregnant

The bombshell dropped during tonight's finale

Many tears have been shed on this Siesta Key season -- but in a few months, there will be a brand-new (tiny) cast member doing the majority of the crying.

During tonight's season finale, Alex was positively stunned when his girlfriend Alyssa presented him with multiple positive pregnancy tests.

"Holy sh*t," the King of Sarasota declared.


The scene was brief because there was a "to be continued" message -- plus a look at what's to come in the Key (we will get to this in a moment).

The news of Alex's daughter came three months after the group was in Nashville, where the King and Queen of Siesta hooked up. Again. And again.

"I really messed up this time," Juliette told Kelsey, while revealing that Chloe is the only (other) person who knows. And Alex bought his longtime pal a Celine purse as a "hush bag."

All will be revealed when brand-new episodes return -- including Juliette telling the mama-to-be that she "f*cked her boyfriend." But for now, share your thoughts on that explosive finale, and follow Siesta Keyupdates on MTV News as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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