It Looks Like Matt Damon Is Back For More 'Bourne'

He's a 'Bourne' again Damon.

Matt Damon and Jason Bourne parted ways in 2007. Almost ten years later, the Oscar winner and his super-spy alter-ego could join forces again.

Deadline reports that Damon and his "The Bourne Supremacy" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" director Paul Greengrass are reuniting for their third "Bourne" collaboration, and the fifth movie in the "Bourne" franchise overall. Latino Review first reported the possible reunion in June.

According to Deadline's update, the Damon-Greengrass return to "Bourne" will hit theaters as soon as July 15, 2016, the release date that currently belongs to the "Bourne Legacy" sequel, starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. Like Bourne, Cross is a highly-trained spy, marked for death and forced on the run. His story took place in the same universe as the original "Bourne" trilogy, but veered off in a new direction to keep the Jason Bourne of it all in its own bubble.

Now, it sounds like Universal wants to get in on the "shared universe" idea that so many other studios are exploring — the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox's "X-Men" franchise, and Warner Bros.' DC Comics properties, just to name a few. Deadline notes that while Universal wants Damon's new "Bourne" in time for 2016, the studio still plans to follow up "Bourne Legacy" with another Aaron Cross adventure. Could these two threads collide in a big "Bourne" beatdown?

Until official confirmation from Universal, Damon and Greengrass comes down the line, keep your expectations in check — but it certainly sounds like good news for fans of the original "Bourne" series.

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