Are Our Eyes Even Real? Did Jaden Smith Delete His Twitter Account?

Is this real?

Jaden Smith just shocked the world in the saddest way. That’s because the young rapper/actor appears to have deactivated his Twitter account.

If you try to search for Jaden’s account today (May 4), you’ll just be met with this incredibly depressing sight.


Jaden Smith

This is madness.

Jaden became known for having some pretty amazing tweets, so we understand why fans are distressed by this news. I mean, who can forget his introspective reflections? Remember the time he asked us, "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't even real?" Twitter gold. So, yeah, fans aren't happy. Can you truly blame them?

Some even offered ceremonial farewells to Jaden’s Twitter account just to show how terrible this moment really is.

If you’re now looking for more of the interesting perspective Jaden always brought to Twitter, perhaps you’ll enjoy some of his and his sister Willow’s most peculiarly insightful quotes from their November 2014 T Magazine interview.

We hope this isn't the end, but so, long for now @officialjaden. Hope you'll rejoin us in the Twitter world soon.

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