Katy Perry Just Gave The Middle Finger Send-Off To Her 'Prism' Era

Bye-bye birdy-style.

Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour won't be complete until October, but it looks like she might just be ready to say goodbye to her fourth studio album now.

Katy posted a "Roar"-tastic good-bye message on Instagram Friday (August 14), and though she didn't outright name Prism as the recipient of her colorful little finger post, the rainbow design said quite enough for followers to get the message that she is officially ready to start a new album era.

The fact that the word "BYE" does appear on her middle finger here is kind of a hostile choice of digital placement for this, considering the album has sold over four million copies to-date and produced five individual singles for her: "Roar," "Unconditionally," "Dark Horse," "Birthday," and "This Is How We Do."

Nevertheless, the timing of this is very interesting because Katy's been getting into the holiday spirit way early this year, dropping hint after hint that she's busy cooking up a Christmas album this month before she heads back to finish her last leg of the tour.

Looks like we're in for a festive holiday season this year, everyone.

Katy's Prismatic Tour will finally conclude in San Jose, Costa Rica on Oct. 18, 2015 which, not coincidentally, is the two year anniversary of Prism's release.

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