The Rock Tells Us He'd Totally Kick Jason Statham's Ass IRL

Because he's The Rock. Duh.

In "Furious 7," Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew face their toughest foe yet in Jason Statham's ex-special ops assassin Deckard Shaw. Case in point: the man puts Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) in the hospital after a glass-shattering fist fight.

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But could the cast of "Furious 7" take Statham IRL? During a press day ahead of the film's April 3rd release, MTV News asked the cast if they stood a chance against the English action star -- or, as Johnson put it, could they kick his ass?

Welp. Here's what The Rock had to say about that:

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Gavin Alaoen/MTV News

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"I will slap him into next week and then whip his ass again for leaving," he added. Well, someone feels pretty confident there, don't they? TBH, we'd pay good money to watch Johnson and Statham duke it out in the ring. The former WWE star may have a few (read: at least 70) pounds on Statham, but the English actor is agile AF from his training as a martial artist.

The Rock isn't the only "Furious 7" star feeling extra confident. "I'd whip Jason Statham's ass," Ludacris told MTV News. "You think he's all bad because you see him on screen doing certain things. But in real life? Come on, man. I'm the real fast and furious."

Oh snap. Shots fired.

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