Dr. Dre's 'Under Pressure,' Featuring Jay-Z, Leaks Online

Unfinished 'Detox' track has no chorus and isn't mixed or mastered.

[article id="1623720"]Dr. Dre asked Jay-Z[/article] to "come holler," and Jay delivered. The pair recorded the [article id="1635493"]Detox song "Under Pressure"[/article] months ago, and an unfinished version leaked online Wednesday (June 16).

The song isn't mixed or mastered and has no chorus, but it offers more than an inkling of where the two legends are headed.

"The long-awaited Detox, bitch," Dre starts the song. "But maybe I don't wanna stop/ Maybe I don't wanna quit/ Maybe I like ho's/ Maybe I don't want a wife/ Maybe I'm psycho/ Maybe we need to breathe some life in this sh--/ Maybe we are the life of this sh--."

The chorus is conspicuously absent, then Hov comes in for the second verse.

"Dre, I think I need my sponsor," he says. "Trying to grow, but I just can't seem ta/ Having trouble cleaning up like FEMA/ All these little haters got me back with the nina/ Got me bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas."

In the track, Hov says he's addicted to the finer things, like drop-top coupes, watches and bowlegged girls from the projects. "I'm in this party/ I'm up to no good/ And I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods."

"I smoke, I drink, I'm supposed to stop but I can't," Dre says to end the record. "N---as don't ask why/ I'm high ... I'm a weed head and I'mma treat every day like the weekend."

"Under Pressure" isn't the only Detox song to leak. An unfinished track featuring [article id="1605356"]T.I. and Nas[/article] was bootlegged last year, as was a song with R. Kelly and 50 Cent that turned into Before I Self Destruct's [article id="1602322"]"Could've Been You."[/article]

Outside of Detox, Dre has been working with Eminem, of course, and the Game on his new LP [article id="1640639"]The R.E.D. Album.[/article]

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