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Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Seriously Had The Best Seats For Drake Vs. Lil Wayne

Like, ON the stage.

When stars go to shows, they don't just sit up in the cheap seats like the rest of us. No, sometimes they hang out right on stage, and when they're Justin Bieber, the headliner even looks over and gives a little "what's up?" to them.

Yes, Bieber was back with his old pal Drizzy on Monday night when the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour hit the Hollywood Bowl. "I see you Drizzy, great show brotha," he wrote along with a video of the aforementioned "what up."

But he wasn't the only star who had primo seats. Austin Mahone was at the gig too and it looked like he wasn't just in the wings, he seemed to be damn right ON the stage. From the look of his picture, he was posted up really close to the action, which he called "incredible."