Shawn Mendes Ditches His Guitar For A Piano In New Ed Sheeran Cover

'Castle On The Hill' gets a makeover

Shawn Mendes is a man of many instruments, as he proved in his "Mercy" music video. But this time around, he's not smashing any guitars or rocking the drums. He treated fans to a stripped-down piano version of Ed Sheeran's "Castle On The Hill" at Capital's Summertime Ball last month. The full performance was released Sunday (July 9), so if you couldn't make it to London's Wembley Stadium for the live concert, fear not.

Mendes transitioned seamlessly from "Castle On The Hill" into "Treat You Better," his lead single off Illuminate. Thanks to that insane piano interlude, the normally guitar-heavy song becomes even more emotional. So when he finally does pick up the guitar again, the audience is ready to dry their tears and dance it out.

Now, can we please get Ed covering one of Shawn's songs?

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