Beyonce Just Made VMA History In This Bejeweled Bodysuit

How are y'all doing? Still breathing after that Beyonce VMA performance? Have you wiped away all the tears yet? Have you searched high and low for GIFs of Blue Ivy waving to her fans below? Everyone realizes Beyonce ran through basically her entire visual album, right? Yeah, there's a reason we all bow down.

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One of our fave parts of her performance (OK, besides everything about the performance)? That sparkly bodysuit she performed the entire thing in.

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Tom Ford

The performance outfit was custom Tom Ford. And while the colorful and bejeweled tunic was sent down the Spring 2014 runway with accompanying pants, Bey wore a high-cut leotard version of the outfit, and the excess fabric was used to cover her booties.

Beyonce VMAs

If anyone needs us for the next few days, we'll be watching the performance on repeat, trying to learn 1/8 of her choreography.

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