'Batman V Superman': Michael Shannon Isn't Sorry For Trolling You With That Zod Flippers Story

Flippers, ghost, whatever.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Michael Shannon has had a grand old time trolling us all with tall tales of what General Zod might be up to in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

His character died pretty hard in "Man of Steel," but Shannon managed to make headlines when he casually dropped a story about being on the set of "Batman V Superman" and getting trapped in a bathroom because, oh, nbd, he has flippers instead of hands in that movie.

Then, he explained, noooooo, he doesn't have flippers. He's a ghost. Duh. DUH.

Chatting with MTV News in support of his upcoming film "Freeheld" at the Toronto International Film Festival, Shannon said he was done trolling. (He would say that, wouldn't he?)

"I can't, I'm not gonna do it again," he said. "How about something about something else. Elvis has flippers. I was confused. It wasn't Zod, it was Elvis."

But that didn't stop Shannon from demonstrating how he would use his faux Zod flippers to lure Supes in.

"Come here, Superman, come here. I got you now," he said.


Though Shannon's faux slip made headlines, the actor didn't catch as much flak for the comments as one might think. Director Zack Snyder certainly didn't reprimand him.

"Most people don't know how much Zack swears, he swears a lot," Shannon said. "No, Zack has a good sense of humor. I think that's why we got along."