P.O.D. Liked Video Director's Idea So Much, They Sent Him Packing

Marc Webb has been gathering shots from around the world for new clip.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- When choosing the location for their next video, "Change the World," P.O.D. went with the obvious: the world.

Actually, the members of the San Diego band shot their individual scenes around home -- it's director Marc Webb, the same man behind the "Will You" and "Sleeping Awake" videos (see [article id="1479614"]"P.O.D. Urge Fans To Turn Other Cheek With 'Will You' Video"[/article]), who's racking up the frequent-flier miles.

"He's just traveling around the world ... from Egypt to Israel to Japan, New Zealand," singer Sonny Sandoval explained backstage at KROQ-FM's recent Almost Acoustic Christmas concert. "The song is called 'Change the World,' so he's going to run up to somebody on the streets of Jerusalem and [give them a sign to hold] that says, 'Change,' and the next person will be 'The World,' so he's getting a whole global concept. And we did individual shoots from the mountains to the ocean.

"It's going to be a serious video," he added. "It's a good-feeling song, and the video is going to connect."

"Change the World," the second single from Payable on Death, is an aggressive rocker with the chorus "One word, a voice unheard/ You can change the world/ If everyone would stop and listen."

"The song says you can change the world with love," Sandoval said. "It speaks for itself."

The track is similar lyrically to past smash singles with positive messages like "Youth of the Nation" and "Alive."

"It's just something natural that we are," bassist Traa explained. "It's like, if we're depressed or unhappy, we don't play, so it's like music to me is a happy place to go."

"We are all negative people, born negative people," Sandoval added, "so we concentrate on the good things in life, and that's what makes us smile."

And speaking of staying positive, P.O.D. had a rather surprising response to news that 85 percent of Christian bookstores in America have refused to carry the band's new album because of its cover art (see [article id="1480981"]"P.O.D.'s Latest Album Refused By Most Christian Bookstores"[/article]).

"I couldn't care less," said Sandoval, who noted the disc is selling well anyway. "I go to the local record store to buy my albums. And Wherehouse [Music], Sam Goody, Best Buy. That's where I go."

P.O.D. are in the midst of a holiday vacation but will reconvene in mid-January, around the time "Change the World" is released, for an outing with Linkin Park (see [article id="1480803"]"Linkin Park, P.O.D. Announce Tour Dates"[/article]). Tour plans for later in the year have yet to be solidified, but Sandoval said the band would probably hit the road with Blindside, who have a new album, About a Burning Fire, due early in the new year.

The album from the Swedish metal band will be the second release from P.O.D.'s 3 Points label, although the band has no other plans for the imprint. "We've talked to bands, and if it's something we're down with, friends of ours and bands we believe in, [we'll do] whatever we can do to help them out, but it's not like an official up-and-running label," Sandoval explained.

P.O.D.'s tour with Linkin Park will offer most U.S. fans their first chance to see new guitarist Jason Truby live. "He has a lot of jazz and classical influence, and he teaches music, so his musicianship is beyond the orb of it all," Sandoval said.

For more on Truby and Payable on Death, check out the feature "P.O.D.: There's No Crying In Rock."