Watch Queen Latifah Slay On 'Lip Sync Battle' And Never Stop Saying 'YASSS QUEEN'

The Queen totally destroyed Marlon Wayans.

Lesson learned for Marlon Wayans: you can't out-hype royalty. On last night's episode of "Lip Sync Battle" Wayans went head to head with the one, the only Queen Latifah -- and the result was a one of a kind moment.

Wayans kicked off the night with Pharrell's ubiquitous hit "Happy," and while he scored major points for getting everyone involved -- even commentator/goddess Chrissy Teigen joined in on the fun -- Queen Latifah totally upstaged the funnyman with her sultry rendition of En Vogue's definitive kiss-off song "Never Gonna Get It." Homegirl was looking fine af.

Wayans upped the ante in round two with a Sam Smith's Grammy-winning slow jam "Stay With Me," but the Queen promised to "smash" his performance -- and "smash" she did. "What can I bring to the table as a rapper that Marlon can't?" she said backstage. "Everything." Oh. Snap.

She walked out wearing host LL Cool J's famous red track suit and it was on. Queen Latifah paid homage to her fellow rapper by performing his 1985 track "Rock the Bells." And she even had a little help from LL himself. Latifah's natural swagger really made her performance unbeatable, even up against a guy with strong comedic chops.

To be fair, she also declared LL Cool J the greatest rapper of all time, which might have played a hand in her victory. But hey, that's called strategy. Long live the QUEEN.