Why Was Jon Snow Crying At The Golden Globes?

What did GRRM tell you?!?!

It's Golden Globes night, and so many of Hollywood's best and brightest have already taken to the red carpet in their varying fabulous looks, most of them obviously thrilled to be there -- except for "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington. Jon Snow showed up looking like he just finished watching the Red Wedding, or got dumped via Snapchat.

.... Or one of these other three things, which we highly suspect are the reasons behind Jon Snow's tragic sourpuss face:

Ghost went missing.



Direwolves can be great, but they also tend to, you know, lose their way -- and yes we're talking to you, Nymeria. Maybe Jon Snow is trying to hold back tears because Ghost got lost north of The Wall, again?

He remembered Ygritte's touch.


72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

SPOILER ALERT, Jon Snow's first -- and only -- lady love Ygritte bit it in a major way on "Thrones" this year. Maybe he was remembering the rare feelings of warmth he experienced via her tender touch in those sex caves? Discuss.

He got dissed by Quvenzhané Wallis.


72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Or perhaps the most likely scenario is that, when "Annie" super-fan Jon Snow approached Lil Q to take a red carpet selfie, she marched away with Giuliana Rancic and didn't even acknowledge him. Yeah, that would make a grown man of the Night's Watch cry.

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