'Fallout 4' Trailer Has Adorable Dog, Even More Adorable Apocalypse

Please stand by.

War, war never changes... but the graphics get a lot better, that's for sure.

Four years after the release of "Fallout: New Vegas" in 2010, the iconic video game franchise is FINALLY getting another installment, "Fallout 4" -- and the first trailer looks incredible.

The series takes place in an alternate United States that never grew out of its '50s "Leave It To Beaver" aesthetic -- at least not until a giant nuclear war wiped ravaged the entire nation, killing everyone who hadn't fled below ground to live in Cold War-style bunkers together.

Odds are you probably won't have to have played the first three games to jump into this new one, though -- after all, the trailer does a great job of explaining the setting (which is Boston, by the way) via flashbacks and a super-realistic german shepherd. Hey Bethesda Games, can we play as the dog? Pleeeeease?

So when will you get to play this puppy? (Literally, I'm not kidding, I want to play the dog) "Fallout 4" doesn't have an official release date yet, but we're guessing it'll be available for the by Christmas this year. Start saving your NCR dollars now to get it for the PS4, Xbox One or PC!