'I Want To Be Like That': Ron Realizes Mike Is His Spirit Animal On 'Jersey Shore'

A heart-to-heart brought the two closer than ever

Mike is finally back at the Shore house, and he's quickly making up for lost time following his eight-month prison sentence — and that includes reconnecting with his brothers from other mothers. Namely, Ronnie.

Tonight's heartfelt episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the roommates surprising Big Daddy Sitch with a special Shorefather movie tribute, complete with popcorn, Diet Soders, and all the candies. In turn, Mike shocked the fam by packing his overnight bags and returning to his old digs: a shared room with Ron, toilet plunger and all. That's when the first half of RSVP found themselves deep in discussion over commonalities that go far beyond fist-pumping and GTL pastimes.

"I know you went to treatment," Mike told Ronnie, who sought outside help after hitting "rock bottom" a few months back. "I would have wished for me not to be in prison so I could be there for you."

While Ron said he's "in a better place," the Sitch (who went to treatment on multiple occasions to get sober) said his friend "is in for an uphill battle for the rest of his life."

"Some of the mistakes that I made when I went to treatment — I really didn't listen when I went," Mike admitted. "But if you went and you listened and learned some of the tools to live your best life and be your best self, it's invaluable. You're going to step over the things you used to trip over."

It's no secret that the two roommates have butted heads (and a few concrete walls) in years past, and the Bronx native thinks it could be due to their "similar traits."


"We both have seen the bad and the good, and I feel like that's why we butted heads so much -- because we're kind of alike," Ron shared. "Mike's such an inspiration because he turned himself around. The fact that he's been through everything and keeps a positive attitude no matter what. I want to be like that. I want to be that happy."

The pair wrapped their heart-to-heart with a guido bear hug (déjà vu, anyone?) and retreated to their room with all eight members of the fam under one roof for the first time in nearly a year. Talk about all the feels!


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