Christina Grimmie’s Family Is Suing The Venue Where She Was Shot

The suit alleges wrongful death and emotional distress from inadequate security

Six months after Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at a meet-and-greet, the singer's family has brought a wrongful death suit against AEG Live, the owner of the venue where the incident took place, as well as the company responsible for handling security at the event.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday (December 20), also alleges "negligent infliction of emotional distress caused from Christina's death," according to Billboard. It claims that the companies being sued "failed to take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of the performers and the attendees at the concert venue."

Grimmie was killed by Kevin Loibl, who was able to enter the Plaza Live Orlando with two handguns, two magazines, and a hunting knife. There were no metal detectors onsite, nor were attendees searched beyond cursory bag checks, according to the lawsuit.

"The death of Christina was caused by the negligent and culpable conduct of the defendants who failed to provide adequate security measures to protect Christina at the Plaza Live Theater on June 10, 2016," the lawsuit reads. Grimmie's parents and brother have requested that the case come before a jury, though no trial date has yet been set.

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