Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Dog Waldo Died — So They Got Tribute Tattoos For Him

'Rest in peace, my little baby'

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner suffered a tragic loss on Wednesday, July 24 when their dog, Waldo Picasso, passed away in a "freak accident." Now, the pair are working to find some semblance of normalcy as they pay tribute to their lost companion.

After reportedly seeking therapy following the sudden and shocking loss of their second Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, the couple took to Instagram on July 30 with a sweet tribute to their "little angel" in the form of matching tattoos featuring Waldo's likeness.

Sophie Turner


The pair each received the same tattoo, a small, delicate portrait of a "smiling" pup that's now forever immortalized on their bodies.

"I miss you, Waldo. Rest in peace, my little baby," wrote Sophie alongside a snap of her tattoo. Joe shared his on Instagram, where he revealed Waldo's place among several other tattoo pieces on his arm.

"R.I.P. my little angel," he wrote.

Waldo Picasso passed away after breaking free from his leash while on a walk with the couple's dog walker. According to TMZ, the dog "got spooked by a pedestrian, broke free, ran into the street, and was struck by a vehicle." The dog passed away afterward. Joe and Sophie waited two days to report the incident

This isn't the couple's first time getting inked together. Joe and Sophie have gotten matching tattoos for similar reasons before. In fact, a year go in July 2018, they both got new pieces to honor their grandfathers, both opting for similarly classy tributes to their family members.

While it's unfortunate little Waldo passed away in such a traumatic way, at least the pooch is probably looking down on his two amazing pup parents who loved him enough to carry him with them on their bodies for the rest of their lives. That's dedication to your animals, and we love Sophie and Joe all the more for it.