Selena Gomez Slams Fan For Bullying In Instagram Comment

'How distasteful of a young woman.'

Selena Gomez is mostly known for being sweet. Hey, even her character in "Spring Breakers" was the one that got too scared of the Florida underground and went home. But she was pushed a little too far by a comment on her Instagram.

Although the original comment has been deleted along with the user's account, it clearly had something to do with cancer—and it crossed a line for Selena. The singer took a screenshot of what she wrote to the user, and posted that as a separate Instagram photo.

Selena captioned the photo with the following: "Honestly, I don't speak up much because it's simply *always* taken out of context. But I don't take bullying well. I have seen too much to not say anything." Especially in the realm of her relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena's smallest moves are scrutinized.

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But standing up for herself and for others battling cancer definitely seemed like the right move in this case.

She wrote that the user's comments about cancer was "absurd" and explained that it really hit home for her as she's gone through that struggle before with her friends and fans. But ever classy, she ended the note by urging the commenter to educate herself more about the issue and be better. She ended on a positive note writing "you're beautiful."

Anyone who comments on an artist's Instagram at all knows just how dark the internet can become. Kudos to Selena for standing up for herself when things got out of hand.

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