ODB Explains Why He's Jesus

Maybe it's Hank Kingsley's fault.

The clueless sidekick to fictional late night talk show host Larry Sanders on HBO's "Larry Sanders Show" met up with the Wu-Tang Clan on a recent episode and asked, "Hey, where's Dirty Old Bitch?

Perhaps reeling from the slip, the artist formerly known as Ol' Dirty Bastard has moved on from that handle, as well as the title Osiris that he used for a while, in favor of something with a little more name recognition.

During a taping of the late night talk show "Vibe" on Friday, the rapper who began life as Russell Jones declared, "There's no more ODB no more. No, there's no more Osiris, that's all lies. From now on, my name is Big Baby Jesus.

Considering that this is the man who puzzled Grammy watchers by storming the podium and declaring that "Wu-Tang is for the children," the move may not come as a surprise, but his reasons for it might.

I always been Jesus," ODB/Jesus told MTV News on Monday. "I don't know

what the big secret's been all these years. Hanging pictures up on the wall and crosses and things of that nature, I mean, it's all good, but the truth's gonna be revealed one day, and one day the truth's been revealed.

So, will this be that last name change for the multi-monikered rapper?

"Yes, of course, yes," ODB/Jesus said. "That's the one and only god. Yes, Jesus. Yes, of course. I'm gonna change the pictures on your wall and everything, yes. We don't even have to talk about all that, you'll see in the future. [1.4MB QuickTime]

Whatever you choose to call him, he is currently working on a solo album that he hopes to have in stores by this fall.

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