Cops Try To Link Slipknot Music To Grisly Murder

Two San Bernardino, California, metalheads are accused of stabbing, slashing friend.

Two suspects accused of killing their 22-year-old friend said they got fired up to commit the murder by listening to Slipknot, police testified on Thursday.

Jason Lamar Harris, 20, and Amber Rose Riley, 16, of San Bernardino, California, are charged with stabbing Terry Ray Taylor more than 20 times and slashing his throat. Taylor's dead body was found on April 24 under a pepper tree in Perris Hill Park, the San Bernardino County Sun reported.

Two police detectives testified in county Superior Court that Riley and Harris described the details of the killing to them and said they were listening to Slipknot before and after the murder. Lyrics that Harris and Riley quoted to cops match those of "Disasterpiece," from the 2001 album Iowa, which features the lines "I wanna slit your throat and f--- the wound/ I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon."

A spokesperson for Slipknot had no comment.

Prosecutors said Harris and Riley had been planning to kill Taylor for months and had lured him to the park a few weeks ago with the intention of slaying him, but Taylor left before they could carry out their plan.

Harris and Riley were denied bail and are due to attend a pretrial hearing on July 18. Because of the severity of the crime, Riley will be tried as an adult.

Detectives and prosecutors working on the case were not available for comment, and Harris' attorney did not return calls.

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